He is the original Buzz. Creator of time and space and the hero of the legend of the Boe. He fought away the armies of thots and they attacked him with the forsaken Dog filter. He is also well known for buying strawbee milk from the canteen on a daily.

Early LifeEdit

Ethan Damaticus Rees was born the 2nd of November 2000. This year also heralded the introduction of the Boe and Bah factions and the Staunch war ended and the two sides formed into these factions. At age 4 he was declared a BBJ champion ( Brazilian Boe Jitsu) after he defeated the mech titan Ahmed. He mastered BBJ at the age of 5 and then moved on to other forms of fighting styles until he reached 18 years of age.

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Close up shot of the Buzz

Discovery Of The Boe's And The Bah'sEdit

On the day Ethan turned 18 his parents were killed in a mysterious house fire while Ethan was at the beach. He was approached my a Mister

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