The Dairocunt Edit

The legendary Dairocunt is a powerful beast that inhabits the land of BoestralaBah. It is scarcely sighted across the land, due to this, it is thought to be a mere myth across the lands inhabitants with only few people knowing of the beasts existence. The Dairocunt can be hard to identify due to its ability to change body shape but is often seen with long twisted horns, a long slender body and a very long tail. The bottom half and head of the Dairocunt is that of a goat while the torso and arms are much more human like. The Dairocunt lived for roughly 1000 years before it was slain by Ethanbuzz using the legendary BuzzBahBoe shout of power.

Life of the Dairocunt Edit

The Dairocunt spends its days sleeping in its lair high up in the Bah alps, but as soon as night rolls around, the Dairocunt will awaken and begin its hunt for any living meat to maim and kill to then drag the body back to its lair where it will begin its feast, although sometime it will just kill for fun. It is feared by everybody who knows of the tale of the Dairocunt. If you lock eyes with the mighty beast, death awaits, the Dairocunt will not stop hunting you until every limb is torn from your body. One month a year the Dairocunt will go into a long deep sleep awaking the next month to repeat its cycle.