Creatures of BoestralaBah Edit

Dingoes- The dingoes roam the land scavenging for food in the plains of BoestralaBah. They usually form packs and work together to hunt animals along the plains. Many kids of BoestralaBah are often killed and taken when they mistake the dingoes for domestic dogs and go to give them belly rubs.

Crocodiles- The crocodiles sit at the brink of Bahdi beach waiting for any unsuspecting victims who walk by. The crocodiles usually measure up to 4 metres. Many young crocodiles are often killed by bigger crocodiles which results in many large crocodiles and a survival of the fittest rule in Bahdi beach. Crocodiles are also hunted by the Bah's for clothing which occasionly results in death as the Bah's underestimate the size of these massive beasts.