BoestralaBah is the country where the Boes and the Bahs reside. It has a wide variety of landscapes and animals with many biomes being included in the country.

Western side-Boes Edit

After the great BoeBah war the country of BoestralaBah was divided into two sides with the Boes resides on the left and the Bahs on the right. The west side has a lot of flat plains like many other places in BoestralaBah with some notable landmarks such as

  1. The Boecano- the Boecano is a huge volcano in the western side of BoestralaBah estimated to be 1,500 metres tall.
  2. The BoeBah River- The BoeBah river is huge freshwater river that travels downwards through BoestralaBah. Although the Bahs do have the BoeBah river in their territory aswell the Boes have a larger portion of the river and (due to the direction of the currant) get to pick and choice what is send through the river
The western side also houses some jungle terrain and some of the Bah alps which is used to smuggle people through the BoeBah border.

Eastern Side-Bahs Edit

The Eastern side of BoestralaBah is home to the Bahs and has some notable landmarks such as

  1. The BahAlps- The BahApls are a group of mountains in the northeast of BoestralaBah with many mountains exceeding 2000 metres. It can feature dangerously fast winds with many people tragically having lost their lives trying to explore and conquer these mountains.
  2. The BoeBah River- The eastern side features a smaller portion of the BoeBah river. The Boes will often send unhigenic products down to the Bahs which leads to their side of the river being partially polluted besides the Bahs efforts to keep it clean
  3. The Eastern side also features the famous Bahdi beach where many Bahs will often go to relax and have a nice day outside away from conflict. Bahdi beach also has dangerous animals such as the crocadilious, A large dangerous reptile that often attempts to eat the citizens of the eastern side with succession at time. Although this animal is featured all over BoestralaBah the danger is particularly bad due to the attraction of the animals due to the temperature and water activity