The BoeBah War Edit

The BoeBah war is a great conflict that is occurring in the land of BoestralaBah. The War is being fought over a disagreement about the correct way to high-five with the Boe's high-fiving from below and the Bah's high-fiving from above. The emperor of BoestralaBah was also Slain by Raulyn Boe which also acted as a catalyst for the war. The war has caused by BoestralaBah to be split into two sides with the Boe's controlling the west and the Bah's controlling the east. The war started in the summer of the year 1352

Battles Edit

The war has seen many battles which have been fought over the various area's of BoestralaBah. Some numerous battles include

  1. The battle of the Emperor- The battle occurred when the Boe's ambushed the city of Ustroystead and fought against the armies of the Bah's to kill the emperor. Raulyn Boe made it through the city to the kings castle and slayed the high king of BoestralaBah. The battle lasted for one day until the Boe's retreated from the city after accomplishing their goal
  2. The ambush of Bahdi Beach- After slaying the high king the Bah's moved south and attempted to bypass the blockade that the Bah's had set up to attempt to stop the Boe's moving back to the city of Vlaorence. The Bah's anticipated this move and set up an ambush at Bahdi beach.The Boe's also thought of this outcome and sent Raulyn Boe north through the Bah Alps. The Boe's made there way down south and were quickly ambushed and cornered towards the coast. The Boe's desperately tried to escape by going into the water and attempting to move along the coast avoiding the attacks of the Bah's. As both armies moved without thought they accidentally crossed into the crocodile infested part of Bahdi beach. Due to it being the peak of summer the crocodiles proved to be extremely active and killed many troops of both armies with great succession. The armies of both the Boe's and the Bah's retreated with many casualties being lost on both sides.